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Hard to Kill | Steven Seagal | 5 Star | Bad Action Movies on Netflix

Hard to Kill

STARRING: Steven Seagal, Kelly LeBrock
DIRECTED BY: Bruce Malmuth

Hard to KillSteven Seagal starred in a lot of classic bad action movies, and continues to keep the genre alive. One of his first and a personal fave is Hard to Kill. This is a classic 5 star BAM.

Steven Seagal plays Mason Storm, a detective in LA who at the beginning of the film is stealthily recording the events of a criminal meeting. Unfortunately, Mason wasn’t in the AV Club and has to hit his equipment to fix some feedback, and this ruckus alerts the bad guys to his presence.

Luckily Steven is hard to kill.

There are so many excellent takeaways from this movie.

  • Steven is super bi-lingual.  He can throw out the line “You like my coche?” without missing a beat.
  • If you are in a coma for 7 years, you awake a little groggy, but immediately able to outwit killers.
  • Elevators in 1990 were dangerous and it was impossible to stop them by putting your hand in front of the closing door.  All you can do is peer in the elevator and yell.
  • While in a long coma you will inevitably attract the attention of a nurse (or possibly Kelly LeBlock), who is so desperate for attention that she will make several inappropriate comments about “your business”, while you are still in the coma.
  • If you are in politics, don’t use your “catch phrase” when making deals with criminals.

This film is full of great Steven Seagal fight scenes, and the training scenes are superb.  I’ll leave you with the following motivational phrase from Hard to Kill.

“We’re outgunned and out-manned, but we’re going to win.  You know why? A superior attitude and a superior state of mind.”


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