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Commando | Arnold Schwarzenegger | Bad Action Movies on Netflix


STARRING: Arnold Schwarzenegger
DIRECTED BY: Mark L. Lester

CommandoAnother classic 5 star bad action movie. If you haven’t seen this movie, it is currently on Netflix and is worth a watch (or re-watch).

Commando is the story of an uber-happy father and daughter living in a rural setting. We learn early on that Col. John Matrix (Arnold)┬áhas been involved in top secret military operations in the past, and that members of his team are being assassinated. Immediately some bad guys arrive and snatch his daughter. I won’t spoil the fun, but Col. Matrix kills (or possibly wounds) approximately 100 people in the name of justice.


  • Is any family this happy? Alyssa Milano appears to have no friends, or entertainment beside hanging with pops.
  • Early on, Arnold is forced to make a run for his rifle in the shed, but couldn’t he have just borrowed the gun of the soldier? Of course, this would have made for a very short movie.
  • The music, why is it so.
  • A young Bill Paxton putting in his time.
  • Arnold throws out the catchy “I’ll be back.”

Commando is one of the big budget movies that defined the bam genre in the 80’s.

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