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Death Race 2 | Bad Action Movies on Netflix

Death Race 2

STARRING: Luke Goss, Danny Trejo

Death Race 2I remember Death Race. The way that the main character was set up so he would be sent to prison and have to compete in a… Death Race.

Death Race 2 is a prequel to Death Race that was sent directly to the DVD. The prisons have been privatized, and are airing prison fights called a Death Match. As with the original movie, these matches are all about ratings, and to keep things fresh they eventually evolve into a race.


  • Didn’t follow the issue with crime in the beginning. Luke did commit a crime.
  • During the first race the racers are shown posing with the cars that they just picked out. This is impossible, especially for those that don’t survive the race.
  • Special effects are ok, but sometimes they aren’t quite right.

The story is rough, but the action is solid and it provides the story for how Death Race came to be. For the love of the original, I grant you 3 stars.

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