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Dolph Lundgren | Bad Action Movies on Netflix

The Expendables

STARRING: Stylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, and more...
DIRECTED BY: Sylvester Stallone

The ExpendablesThe Expendables cast is made up of the action stars that are known by last names – Stallone, Statham, Li, Willis, Schwarzenegger, Lundgren & Rourke.

This was to be the greatest movie of all time. Surely with this many stars it would be a hit. It was recently added to Netflix and I’ve taken another look. There are some fine scenes, but some of the promise is not fulfilled. Willis and Schwarzenegger are cameo’s and there are so many stars that only a few of the characters are developed.


  • The quality of the effects are great, but the fast cuts between clips make me feel that they are hiding something.
  • Stallone’s hold onto a plane as it takes off is amazingly unbelievable, and reminiscent of the finger strength first displayed in Cliffhanger.

The Expendables is a great 3 star movie, but didn’t reach my 5 star dreams.

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Direct Contact

STARRING: Dolph Lundgren
DIRECTED BY: Danny Lerner

Direct ContactDolph begins “Direct Contact” in an Eastern European prison. Is this going to be an homage to the Van Damme prison movie “Hell”?

Short answer –  No.
Longer answer –  No it is not.

In a very Rambo-esque turn of events, someone from the US government needs Dolph’s help to break into a small fortress and rescue a kidnapped girl. Unlike Rambo, Dolph doesn’t just want his freedom from prison, but also negotiates payment. The joy of the breakout is that Dolph will engage in a 10 minute hand fight, and then just shoot the next guy that comes along.

But this is where Direct Contact throws you a loop. It seems the girl wasn’t kidnapped, and the government rep that freed Dolph from prison wasn’t with the government. This is when our star has to freelance a plan of action and Direct Contact get interesting. Dolph takes us through many car chases and gun fights.


  • A love scene in a barn is questionable. This isn’t Roadhouse.
  • Driving means continuously turning the wheel back and forth.

This isn’t a great Dolph Lundgren movie, but it is currently available to stream through Netflix.

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Showdown in Little Tokyo

STARRING: Dolph Lundgren & Brandon Lee
DIRECTED BY: Mark Lester

Showdown in Little TokyoHow did I make it this long without watching this movie. This is the starring role I’ve hoped to see from Dolph since Rocky 4.

Dolph’s character shows extreme agility (jumping over a car), extreme strength (rolling a car on its side) and a great partner in Brandon Lee. This movie has the explosions, the fights and the bad jokes that exemplifies a bad action movie. 5 stars!

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