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Nikolay Stanoev | Bad Action Movies on Netflix

Direct Contact

STARRING: Dolph Lundgren
DIRECTED BY: Danny Lerner

Direct ContactDolph begins “Direct Contact” in an Eastern European prison. Is this going to be an homage to the Van Damme prison movie “Hell”?

Short answer –  No.
Longer answer –  No it is not.

In a very Rambo-esque turn of events, someone from the US government needs Dolph’s help to break into a small fortress and rescue a kidnapped girl. Unlike Rambo, Dolph doesn’t just want his freedom from prison, but also negotiates payment. The joy of the breakout is that Dolph will engage in a 10 minute hand fight, and then just shoot the next guy that comes along.

But this is where Direct Contact throws you a loop. It seems the girl wasn’t kidnapped, and the government rep that freed Dolph from prison wasn’t with the government. This is when our star has to freelance a plan of action and Direct Contact get interesting. Dolph takes us through many car chases and gun fights.


  • A love scene in a barn is questionable. This isn’t Roadhouse.
  • Driving means continuously turning the wheel back and forth.

This isn’t a great Dolph Lundgren movie, but it is currently available to stream through Netflix.

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