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Thomas Gibson | Bad Action Movies on Netflix

Men of War

STARRING: Dolph Lundgren

Men of WarMen of War begins with Nick Gunner (Dolph) on the streets of Chicago. He is approached to complete an easy job and collects his rag tag assortment of mercenary buddies, giving a glimpse of their character and  civilian lives.

Before starting their mission they are involved in a bar brawl where they meet a lady mercenary who will join their team, and also someone who will almost certainly be the “bad guy.”


  • Dolph Lundgren loves carrying children
  • It is never explained where the lady mercenary came from, or why she was in this movie.

Lot’s of bad jokes, punching and shooting qualifies this in the genre. A  surprise starring role by B.D. Wong  (Oz, Law & Order SVU), makes this a novel movie to watch, but the poor character development and the fact that it never seems to end result in a 2 star rating.

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